Best 2 page resume examples and templates & all you need to know about two page resume.

Wondering how long your resume should be? Our two page resume example is the best choice? Learn about it now!
Best 2 page resume examples and templates & all you need to know about two page resume.

Wondering how long your resume should be? Not sure if it's okay to use a two-page resume? Confusing on can a resume be 2 pages? Use this helpful short reference to study the best 2 page resume examples and templates. After the form, find more tips on the 2-page resume format and when to write a two-page resume. 

The resume is of significant importance in an application file because it illustrates the skills and assets of the candidate to the recruiter. However, the question of the length of the CV divides, should one make a CV on one or two pages? In principle, the answer relies on the type of CV chosen and the geographical area of the company to which you are pertaining.

When should you optimize for a one or two page resume?

Can a resume be on 2 pages? Here are the details that will help you make the right choice. In addition, you will read more 2 page resume examples here. A resume of 2 pages is especially recommended for experienced seniors, But, “Can we make a CV in 2 pages? you will ask yourself. Yes, if you have extensive professional experience. The CV on 2 pages is adapted to expose your skills. It is suitable for people who have a long career behind them, working in trades with technical specificities.

Making a CV on 2 pages enables you to detail the attainments of different objectives, or to summarize your publications. It will be all the more beneficial, for example, if you have ten years of experience in various fields of activity. The space could quickly run out to display all your skills. Of course, the resume is 2 pages and its presentation depends greatly on the position to which you aspire. If the position involves responsibilities, it will be essential to go into the details of your skills or develop your experiences to demonstrate that you are capable of accomplishing the tasks assigned to you.

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It will also be suitable for certain trades where you have to indicate your knowledge. This is for example the case for researchers and scientists. In 10 years of career, an assiduous researcher will have worked on many projects and carried out several kinds of research simultaneously. So it seems difficult to fit it all on one page. In outstanding cases, your resume may even be broadened if this format is not enough to include your skills, experience, or background. The right two-page resume template can save you from the loss of valuable information.

What do you gain by making a resume on two pages?

If the question "can a CV fit on two pages?" has already crossed your mind, you should also know that it offers two main advantages,

  • It is more airy and easy to read quickly.
  • It enables you to correctly inform the recruiter about your skills and professional experience.

What are the disadvantages of a two page resume?

Before opting for a two-page resume template, consider the following two things:

  • You risk spreading out over irrelevant points. No question of filling in to illustrate your experience because this will have the opposite consequence on the recruiter.
  • You run the risk of producing an illegible or difficult-to-understand document. If the headings are not well appeared, the document may lack simplicity.

Tips for Writing a 2 Page Resume with Examples.

When writing it, make sure that the most relevant information is on the first page (school and academic background, recent professional experience, skills required by the position in question).

On the second page, you can insert secondary information, such as older or less suitable professional experience. You can also put your interests there, as is done on a classic resume.

If you are a fresher, prefer a one-page resume format, If you are a senior working professional, prefer a two pages resume format.

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When to Write a 2 page resume examples

  • When a job description needs a lot of experiences
  • If you have: Multiple relevant projects, extracurricular/co-curricular achievements
  • If you are a: Seasoned Worker, Targeting a Senior Position
  • Consider a two-page resume if you work in any of the following careers.
  1. Project manager
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Computer Science Manager
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Engineer
  6. Business analyst
  7. Financial analyst
  8. Accounting
  9. Administrative staff
  10. Artist
  11. Sales Manager
  12. Office manager

Almost all management positions and candidates who have more than 10 years of experience should provide a 2-page resume.

Special tips

Wondering how to shorten a two-page resume? Try this:

After shortening, compare them. If a two-page resume does better, go ahead and use it.

  • If it's limited to 1.5 pages, create one page.

In many cases, there is nothing wrong with a two-page resume. That said, a resume with a page and a few lines can make you look sloppy. Unless your resume is at least 1.5 pages, reduce it to one page.

When to Never Write a Two page resume, example:

If you're an entry-level candidate, you rarely need to write a two-page resume.

You simply don't have enough experience. Are there exceptions?  If you're doing an internship, and you've already achieved a lot of academic success, make your resume two pages.

Dos and Don'ts

Why put your contact information on two pages of your resume? Convenient. The hiring manager might see achievements she/he likes on the second page.

Your name and contact information should be next to the company logo to remind him /her who you are.

  • Don't repeat your skills on the second page

It might be tempting to repeat your skills or other core information on page 2 of your resume. Doubling information slows hiring managers down. You don't want to distract from achievements.

  • Don't repeat your resume summary on the second page.

The second page of the resume should only show new information that the manager has never seen before. If you repeat the summary, she/he might think you printed page 1 twice. Either way, it will slow down the process. It's also just plain poor resume etiquette.

  • Put the most important facts on page 1

The first page of a two-page resume should contain all the most important information. That means most work experience, skill lists, resume summaries, and certifications are on the first page. Put publications, conferences, and all other materials on the second page. number the pages

  • Worried that the employer will notice the second page?

You can add page numbers in 1/2 and 2/2 formats.

  • Do not submit a double-sided resume

A two-sided resume sounds great, but most resumes are submitted digitally anyway. If you submit a paper resume, the manager may not see the second side. So, turn in two sheets of paper.

‚óŹ Two-Page Resume: Binding or Paperclip?

You don't want the second page to be lost, do you? Use paper clips. Some managers may want to copy or scan your resume, and the staples get in the way of your work.

Keep in mind that your 2-page resume does not need to contain lots of depth about your past jobs and abilities.

2 page resume examples

The 2-page resume examples which follow shall give you the best ideas about how and when to use a two-page resume.

Here you can see the 1st of examples of 2 page resume you can follow

example of 2 page resume, 2 page resume example, example of two page resume, two page resume examples

You can select a two page resume format as you wish according to your preference. Here is our second two page resume example:

example of 2 page resume, 2 page resume example, example of two page resume, two page resume examples

Our third two page resume template is this:

example of 2 page resume, 2 page resume example, example of two page resume, two page resume examples

We selected the below sample format as the 4th 2 page resume examples

example of 2 page resume, 2 page resume example, example of two page resume, two page resume examples

Steps to guide you to a two-page resume format

When you choose a two-page resume format, begin by deciding what to include on your 2 page resume and what to remove. It makes the drafting and editing process quite easy.

After choosing a two-page resume template, focus on choosing the best layout for your resume.

  • A functional resume layout works when you have a gap in your resume or if you are a newbie.
  • A chronological resume layout works when you have strong work experience and internship experience.

Final thoughts

Finally, here are all about 2 page resume examples.  However, keep the resume as short as it desires to be, and you’ll never go wrong. But, you can choose the 2 page resume format if you have more experience. But avoid repetitions. It’s okay if your work experience entries are split between the two pages. What you want to avoid is having one entry split at the page break. Remember, it’s all about making your resume as readable as possible, both for the hiring manager and the applicant tracking system

2 page resume examples, two page resume example, two page resume template

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