Find more than one Personality Profile Example

Winning personality profile example is something you need to achieve every time you are writing a resume. Here is how to!
Find more than one Personality Profile Example

A personality profile refers to an article about you as a job applicant. It is an important feature and stands out in your curriculum vitae. Most people are keen on their qualifications and overlook the profile. However, the majority of recruiters will check the profile first when hiring, and if the document is not well written, they may stop reading in the first sentence. This can easily make you lose an opportunity to get your dream job. All is not lost; you can check a personality profile example to get great ideas on what to write. Here are some examples:

High school graduate

As a high school graduate, you may not have any experience or special training. So, you can only talk about your outstanding personal qualities and career objectives. However, you can yourself based on things you did in high school. Here is a personality profile example:

I am an ambitious high school graduate with a score of 166 and looking forward to joining college. Worked at Lina Shoes demonstrating great ability to interact with customers and help them with a smile. I played football leading my team, and together we took trophies home several times. I know how to be a team player and am keen to work in the fashion industry because I plan to make a career. You can start to write it here.

College Graduate

Graduates must combine their academic qualifications with skills gained in the past through jobs or school. If you have some experience and internships will be an added advantage. The next personality profile example might be:

I am a fire engine by profession with five years of experience. I recently achieved the RTITB accreditation in the Counterbalance forklift and am looking forward to using my excellent skills in this area. I am skilled and confident in the field. Over the years, I have developed organizational skills and good planning to ensure every task is completed perfectly. I can work as an individual and part of a big team and flexible with working hours.

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There is no need to discuss your redundancy in detail, so just write like someone applying for a new job. The recruiter may actually be happy to know you are available to start immediately. Write something like this:

I am an accomplished builder with excellent skills in steel fixing and concrete finishing. I have been in the construction industry for the last two decades. I have a clean US driving license and can drive trucks. Over the years, I have attended personal development and construction training workshops, which have given me broad knowledge and experiences. I am available to start working immediately.

How to structure your personality profile

After going through a personality profile example, you may wonder how to get started with yours. It looks like a daunting task, but everything will flow naturally as long as you understand the basics of creating this document. Using online templates makes the work much easier.

Start with the correct structure. This is essential because it’s the first impression recruiter gets when they look at your CV. This short document should not have more than six sentences, and the total number of words should not exceed 200. Also, use flawless grammar, but feel free to use the first or third person. Choose what you are comfortable writing in and be consistent throughout the document. Don’t mix the two in one document.

Steps of writing a great profile

  • Start with an introduction - If you look at any personality profile example, you will see that the writers start with a personal introduction. State your interest, qualifications, and any experience related to the job. This encourages the recruiter to read more.
  • Discuss relevant skills, experiences, and interests - The body of the personal statement should be about any relevant skills, experiences, and interests you have and how they relate to the job. You can write about these elements below where they are relevant to your personal profile.
  • Experience and achievements - Talk about your certifications, degrees, and awards after years of working in the industry. Also, discuss the different positions and responsibilities you have had.
  • Skills or talents - Describe special skills or talents related to the job you have gained or discovered at school and your work.
  • What you have to offer - Most recruiters are looking for someone who can become an asset to their business. If you do not have any experience, let them know you are eager to learn, perform tasks, and look forward to earning credentials in the specific field.
  • Professional goals - Use well-chosen words to tell the hiring team how the job suits your future career dream.

For the best experience with your resume and filling your personality profile, use the example or template from

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The last words in your personal profile or personality profile example should create a lasting impression that can make the prospective employer consider you. Make sure you state why you applied for the job and what you hope to achieve. It should be persuasive enough to make the reader review the whole resume, which increases your chances of getting the job. Here are some simple ideas to help you come up with a powerful conclusion:

  • Summarize the personal profile by highlighting the main points. Connect your skills, achievements, and experiences to let the recruiter know your contributions to the business.
  • Your parting words can also revisit the profile's introduction. You can do this by combining your qualifications and desires, and don't forget to end with words showing your enthusiasm to work for the company.

Remember, the conclusion of a personal statement is a single sentence. So, you can only choose to use one of the two ideas above and don't forget to use our builder, which makes things work much better!


After writing your profile, proofread and edit anything that doesn't sound right. Some of the improvements that should make in the editing process include:

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Specificity
  • Relevancy
  • Passive voice
  • Understandable language
  • Clear phrasing

It is hard to get a job without a personal profile showing your qualifications or experience related to the position you are applying for. You must write a compelling profile to showcase your goals and skills beneficial to the employer. Take time to check a personality profile example to help you write an effective document for your job application.

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