Top Resume Header Ideas, Examples and Tips. Header for resume, explained.

Chose the Right Resume Header and Impress the HR. Learn what need a header for resume have. All you need to know can be found here!
Top Resume Header Ideas, Examples and Tips. Header for resume, explained.

A resume header is an essential part of your resume. Many people get confused about the best way to write perfect resume header examples. The header presentation will create the first impression of the hiring team. Most hiring managers use resume headings to decide on reading or dismissing your resume.

Making a proper layout of your resume header is necessary as it is the face of your resume. Ensure you update the correct contact information on the top of your resume. There are many ideas on how to write but here, are some ways to write the perfect resume header. Our online builder offers all possible headers with lots of editing features.

What can you Learn about Resume Header?

When you start to create your resume, the first part is always the resume header. It sounds simple right? It's just my name and contact... And this is the mistake you need to avoid. The harder is the smallest, but most important part of your resume when it comes to the first touch. We will explain, what types of resume headers should be used and what is not acceptable. Then the focus will be on the content and right positioning. Don't worry, after reading the whole article you will get the point and have the necessary skills to create your stunning resume header that supports your resume content.

How to layout your resume header and resume header ideas:

The appearance of your resume headers will convince the hiring manager of the decision of hiring you or ignoring your application. The format of your resume header examples should be perfect and convincing. The goal of your resume header is to convince the hiring manager to keep reading your resume. Ensure the name is visible and the information is well-aligned to show your organization and competence. Begin with your name, current job position, phone number, and email address. Ensure your email is clickable for swift communication. Still, don't know what is the best layout? Avoid mistakes by using our professional resume templates.

Resume Header │ header for resume │ resume header ideas

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Resume header Name

The title of your resume should be your first and last name. Ensure your name is visible and easy to read. Use a sensible font and make sure it stands out on the resume. Guarantee that your name is uniform in all areas. For example, your email address, your LinkedIn profile, and Facebook should have the same name. The hiring personnel should not struggle to locate your name on the resume. Use bold and capslock if you have to because this will guarantee that your name is noticeable and hard to forget. The name should be the first thing the hiring manager sees after glancing at your resume header.

Resume header Title

In this section, include the title you hold and your years of experience. Ensure you include any certifications you have to show that you are competent for the job. For example, John Doe certified medical doctor. Confirm that the information you give on your title is accurate to avoid embarrassing yourself and losing credibility with the hiring personnel. Titles attract more attention and show that you are competent and skilled for the position you are applying for. Guarantee that the title you use correlates to the job you are asking for, and do not write titles that do not relate to your work application.

Resume Header │ header for resume │ resume header ideas

Resume header Address

The address is not compulsory but, if you have to add it, do not forget to include "open to relocation," which communicates to the hiring manager that you are willing to relocate if given the job. Do not include an address that you think will lower the chances of getting hired. Some hiring managers will use your address to disqualify your application, considering the distance and neighborhood.

Resume header Email address

Ensure your email address is professional and do not use improper email addresses such as In most cases, the hiring manager will use your email address to contact you. Make sure your email is easy to find and clickable to ease communication. You can create an email address using your name convincing, the hiring personnel that you are professional and competent. You will never forget to put the right content by using the templates

Resume header Phone number

Include your phone number on the resume. Hiring managers prefer to use your phone number to schedule an interview. Use your number and ensure it is the most regularly utilized. Ensure you do not write your work phone number on the resume header because it is unprofessional and might get you into trouble with your current employer.


A good linked profile can earn you a good job. Most hiring managers use your LinkedIn profile to vet new personnel. Ensure you include your LinkedIn Url in your resume. Personalize your LinkedIn profile with professional photos and, be sure to include your resume. Make sure you incorporate your accomplishments on your profile to boost your chances of getting hired. You can also use the preferred way how to share your CV by using the ultimate link, this is one of the perfect features of

Resume Header │ header for resume │ resume header ideas

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A personal website will earn you more marks than your competitors. Depending on your profession, a website will gain you more attention than other contestants. A website is more suitable for online businesses where you can include samples of your work and achievements. Including your accomplishments will build trust with your employer and encourage them to hire you for your services. Another way how to share your profile is via the direct link. This will be available in your dashboard after you finish the resume from templates.


You can include your Twitter handle, but only if you use it for business purposes. Employers might disqualify you for posting politics and other unrelated opinions. Ensure that the profile is entirely professional before including it on your resume headers.


Do not include your Facebook account on the header of your resume. Some employers may disqualify your application based on your Facebook posts. Most Facebook accounts are social and, it is not advisable to use them in an acknowledged setting. Ensure you incorporate your Facebook account only if you post professional ideas.


Guarantee that you proofread the content you write on your resume header. Countercheck all the details to certify they are accurate and correct any errors. A wrong phone number and email address can make you miss out on an interview because it might be difficult to reach you. Ensure you check for grammatical errors on the header of your resume. Capitalize the necessary words and review spelling mistakes to make sure your resume headings is error-free.

A resume headings is the face of your resume and, it should entice the hiring manager to read more. Assure your name is sizeable than other contents of your resume header examples. Incorporate bold letters and larger fonts to ensure the content is well visible and attracts attention. Include the most used phone number for convenience in case selected for an interview. Ensure you learn how to include your Linkedin URL on the header of your resume to make it easy for the hiring manager to view your Linkedin profile. Add your competencies to stand out among your competitors. Your email address should be professional and frequently used to guarantee you get any information the hiring manager sends to you.

Resume Header │ header for resume │ resume header ideas

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